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Apple Watch Reviews

The review embargo for the Apple Watch was lifted this morning. I read them all so you don’t have to.

In summary:

  1. The Apple Watch is beautiful and very well-crafted
  2. The Taptic Engine is really cool. Taps vary depending on notification type
  3. Digital Touch and other communication innovations have potential, but are highly dependent on network effect
  4. Apple Pay works really well
  5. The interface can be confusing at times, which is to be expected for a new interaction model
  6. Glances and third-party apps can be slow, especially when fetching location data
  7. The motion detectors for waking the display on arm movement can be unreliable, at times the movement needs to be exaggerated
  8. Cool, fun but incomplete activity tracking
  9. You probably shouldn’t buy version 1 of the Apple Watch, but the concept is very promising

But if you really want to read one or two, here are the better reviews I’ve read today:

❯ Joshua Topolsky’s review for Bloomberg Business

❯ John Gruber’s opinion at Daring Fireball

❯ Farhad Manjoo writes an insightful and positive review for the NYT

❯ Ben Bajarin provides some pretty optimistic big picture stuff

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