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Weekend Digest 1

❯ The Ten Commandments of Sushi

“Sushi is delicate,” Yajima-san tells me. “It’s easy for the rice to break or crumble when you use chopsticks. That harms the form. Also, when you use your hands, you feel the sushi. And you can get it into your mouth faster.”

Before he puts each piece down, he sweeps it along the black surface, as if using the rice to brush it. “That’s so it will stick,” he explains.

A nice 8-minute read (lots of images, I promise) about Yajima Sushi, a sushi-ya I now feel the need to visit.

❯ Long Baseball Games Are Not Boring. They Are Zen

The MLB is talking about making baseball games shorter. To me, baseball is a lot like fishing: The long wait between exciting moments only makes them more exciting. A shorter baseball game would be like fishing in a fish farm.

❯ iPhone Killer: The Secret History of The Apple Watch

Along the way, the Apple team landed upon the Watch’s raison d’être.

David Pierce from Wired got to talk with a few key persons involved with the creation of the Apple Watch — namely Kevin Lynch and Alan Dye. They talk about the importance of User Interface, making the Watch, and how your iPhone is ruining your life. Good read, if only for the exclusive access to some of Apple’s top employees. What’s with those non-scrolling images though?

❯ Conversations with Tyler Cowen: Peter Thiel on the Future of Innovation

Do yourself a favor and set aside an hour of your day to watch this. Some very insightful discussion on innovation, the future, life expectancy, and just how bad a name ÜBER is. The Q&A is a bit of a bore though, feel free to skip that.

❯ Joanna Stern Reviews the Samsung Galaxy S6

I am not afraid to say it: I love Samsung’s new phones, maybe even more than my own iPhone 6. Like a child who just found out that Santa isn’t real, I have spent the past week questioning everything I know.

A surprisingly good review for Samsung’s new flagship device. Colour me surprised.

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